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May 17, 2013 1:00am PDT
speech. that's pretty much what it boils down to. >>> president obama said today that that is the whole reason he got involved in politics in the first place. >> we also live in a democracy where a free press, free expression, and the open flow of information helps hold me accountable, helps hold our government accountable and helps our democracy function. and the whole reason i got involved in politics is because i believe so deeply in that democracy and that process. >> president obama speaking today. is he right about his own articulated history. he has been making the case about the importance of our open government from the very beginning. it was certainly a big part of why he ran for president. >> i'll make our government open and transparent so that anyone can ensure that our business is the people's business. a justice once said sunlight is the greatest disinfectant. >> so that's part of why we've had so much trouble is we haven't invited the american people to participate in the process. that's why i always focus on accountability and transparency in our government. >> that is
May 17, 2013 12:00am PDT
annual pace in the last five decades. the argument in passing obama care was to bring down health care costs. health care costs are coming down. so why does no one care? no one cares that health care costs are going down? the reason is because the cardinal rule of washington politics -- and this is really important. it makes everything make sense. when people talk about deficits, they are actually talking about something else. no one actually cares about the deficit. the simple reason why nobody was talking about it today is just because they don't care. and if there is one person in washington -- and this is the grand, tragic, comic irony of this whole situation. if there is one person in washington who genuinely seems to care about deficits, well -- >> here's what you need to know. first, i will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits. either now or in the future. i will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit now or in the future. period. >> joining me tonight, columnist at the washington post and an msnbc policy analyst, ezra, it is great to have you here. this co
FOX Business
May 14, 2013 6:00pm EDT
because everyone will be clumped together under obama care. older americans will see the premiums go down, but younger people have to pay more, especially true if you're a young man since obamacare doesn't allow women to be charge more as they are now. another reason for high health care costs could also be rising salaries. the medical profession takes up 14 of the top 15 paid jobs in america. that list in tonight's top five. number five, general internist. there are more than 45,000 in the u.s., and the average pay? almost $192,000 a year. number four, oral surgeons, far fewer in the country, less than 5,000, and they make $216,000 a year. number three, ob/gyns, 21,000 lady docs make $104 an hour or nearly $217,000. general surgeons, like on grey's anatomy, 4 # ,000-plus bringing in 1100 an hour for a salary of $23 # 1,000 a year. number one, highest paid job in america? an thesologist at a salary of $233,000. clearly, i went into the wrong profession. now, the worst paying job in, me than 13,000 in the u.s., earning $9 an hour for a full-time salary of less than $19,000 a year. think ab
May 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
... ♪ wireless is limitless. >>> critics say it is the latest aggressive attempt by the obama administration to crack down on leaks of classified information. associated press is reporting that the justice department secretly seized two months worth of phone records of its reporters and its editors. in response the a.p. president and the ceo gary pruitt sent a blistering letter to the attorney general eric holder saying the news organization regards this as a serious interference interference with ap's constitutional rights to gather and disclose the news. another krovcontroversy one thas targeted conservative groups that were seeking tax-emxempt status. saying the irs seized records of phone lines assigned to the associated press and journalists and apparently happened in may and april of last year. joining me is joe johns and paul calan. joe, for starters what is the justice department saying about this revelation and while you're at it, how does the a.p. know that this happened? >> the a.p. apparently knows how it happened because ronald macham the united states attorney for washington, d
May 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. obama care is coming down the pike. the republican there's beat up on him. he needs this very large dysfunctional agency can handle this task. so he has enormous interests to put himself at the center of this. >> maybe i've got the wrong model but it is my model. a president who sets the standard for the program he wants to follow sets the value system, the philosophy, and has people that will carry that out in the strongest possible way across the span of the federal government. through the irs. through the fbi. during a great society, there was a viewing throughout the government. a essential of who this person was from the top down. and enforced by tough chiefs of staff like a jim baker. and made sure you got the job done. if the omb director got in the way, he was put in the wood shed. people were forced to obey. i don't think i see that. i do hear a lot about sycophants who can get the president's ear. i'm just reading john aldridge's book. it is all about them being undercut. this president will not authorize someone else to chop off head. >> you were saying is this guy still
May 16, 2013 9:00am PDT
the white house will hamstring or in any way slow down president obama's legislative agenda. >> we have a press conference happening today, there's clear lay lot of work to be done. what do you think the implications of this week are on his agenda? >> i think it hurts his agenda in the short term. i think it will be difficult for him to get much of anything that he wants done. the upside for the white house is they've been sort of keeping out of what's been going on in congress on immigration. you know, the budget stuff that's been going on. they sort of have stepped away to allow that to work its way through congress. and it could in the end actually help immigration if obama sort of stays away and is sort of preoccupied with this kind of thing. that could help them sort of move that through. but certainly over the next few months, it's going to make it difficult for him to do anything. >> and something like this. where nobody has a prescription for what to do in syria. but the idea of boots on the ground is an anathema to most. will congress cooperate with him on the humanitarian leve
May 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
. >>> and then new evidence wealthy americans are getting audited more under president obama. we'll break down the numbers and hear from one top republican donor who says he's been a target of the irs because he's a republican, period. back in a moment. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and
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May 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
don't think -- you said these chapters are just being written. so it remains to be seen how mr. obama's legacy will go down? >> that's right. >> arthel: go ahead. >> i have got to tell you, if we're about comparing legacies here, we're still uncovering information about what happened with weapons of mass destruction and going to war which could have been seen in much the same light. so if we're talking about the impact that inefficient cities and bureaucracy and lack of leadership had, we'll be looking at george bush to set that standard. i think this president has rightfully been focused on issues facing this country -- n if it wasn't for bad news, obama wouldn't make news. you have to stop blaming george w. bush. he's not here anymore. you have to stand on your own. >> i'm actually blaming the current gop congress in terms of preventing -- >> it's always somebody else to blame. >> they're the ones who have decided that they've decided that it's much more important to focus on these distractions than focus on doing -- >> if you consider a political targeting by the irs a distraction
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
to oversee the obama care. >> no. the new acting commissioner, he starts next week, he's going to do a top-down review. >>> let's move on the benghazi, detailing communications with government agencies over what was happening in the days and weeks after the attack on benghazi. something that jay carney said about this back in november the kind of changes that the white house and the state department were responsible for in those now infamous talking points. >> they have made clear, the single adjustment that was made in those talking points, by these two institutions were changing the word consulate to diplomatic facility. because consulate was inaccurate. >> the e-mails you release show a host of communication indicating that the changes were far more extensive. >> the e-mail showed three things. this is very important. they undermined all of the allegations that republicans have been making for months about this. the draft of talking points include, written by the cia, include reference to the protest here. second, references to al qaeda and terrorism were not taken out by the white house as
May 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
-leaning groups, forcing president obama to confront both charges head-on. >> obama: who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? the fact that this keeps on getting churned out frankly has a lot to do with political motivations. if you've got the i.r.s. operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions. and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> john: because we a all know the i.r.s. has always operated in a nonpartisan way. however, just when it seemed the president had begun to put the scandals back in the bag it emerginged that the department of justice had secretly obtained phone records from "the associated press." while perfectly and abhorrently legal, it forced attorney general eric holder to confront the charges in a news conference of his own. >> this was a very serious -- very serious leak. very, very serious leak. it put the american people at risk. and trying to determine who was responsible for that, i think required very aggressive action. >> john
May 12, 2013 3:00pm PDT
say the white house is still being dishonest. the obama administration is under pressure after a new e-mail chain shows they were watered down by multiple agencies. some say the white house needs to come clean. >> i'd call it a cover up. i would call it a cover up in the extent that there was willful removal of information which was obvious, it was obvious the american people were effectively lied to for a period of about a month. this was a terrorist attack from the get-go. they were in fact covering up an easy attack that succeeded that was from the get go really about a terrorist attack. it was never about a video. >> let's bring in our political panel, republican strategist and cnn analyst, anna navarro from miami. democratic strategist maria cardona from washington. anna, cover-up? that's a pretty strong accusation. do you think the white house is guilty of a cover-up on benghazi? >> i don't know. i would like to know. i think at the very least, don, very serious mistakes were made. i think at the very worst, it was intentional and it was a cover-up, but at this point, we don't kn
May 13, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: the internal revenue service has apologized for targeting groups. but that's not bringing down the heat on the white house. >> this morning, president obama was asked about the scandal. >> if you've got the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is concrete to our traditions and held accountable and got to be fixed. >> even though the irs is independent agency, republican law makers have been calling on the president to condemn the irs for flagging atea party groups.. >> this contributes to the distrust that the american people have in government. >> shows senior officials applying scrutiny to conservative critical groups. >> the pressure on the white house is coming from all directions. it's not just the republicans who want answers. democrats are climbing in as well. >> somebody paid the decision they would give scrutiny to this particular group. we have to understand why. >> congressional republicans have now raised the ante. working on new legislation that would make it a crime to discriminate for political views. cbs
May 14, 2013 4:00pm PDT
house act, played along and still did this. listen to the guys talking about the dangers down the road. >> the obama administration have taken that was an understandable sense of governmental discipline, and kind of gone over the top with it and began prosecuting every which way. >> that does have an intimidating effect, not just on leakers. it has an intimidating effect on the process on us doing our job, and i think the net impact is the american public learns less and american democracy is poorer. >> you know, if you're going to do this, to your point dorothy and it's a totally valid one when you talk about somebody's life was at stake a spy is what erik holder is arguing lives were at stake. throughout history the military or government says hold this story for a couple of days, don't run it, here's why it's going to cost lives and the press makes that amendment. we can't leave that decision solely up to the government. every single time, they're going to think, we're going to kill the story or chill you by stealing your sources. >> just to bring it all back home. there are two big
May 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
action from the obama administration. >> reporter: want more leaders to fall. the acting director did step down but that is not enough. members of congress side by side just wrapped up a press conference a few minutes ago. some of the groups said they were unfairly targeted by the irs. tax exempt status was delayed some for more years when the irs asked for unnecessary information. facebook and twitter. they claim this is a pattern, not an isolated event. >> government agents have used the irs as a weapon to silence speech, harass innocent americans and perhaps sway elections. >> president obama is not backing down from the fire storm. he insists the white house had nothing to do with the irs scandal and is supporting the investigation into the irs to get the information republicans are calling for including who created those guidelines to target conservatives. >>> what's expected when president obama holds a press conference in just two hours when i see you next. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and we will stream the president's news conference on our web site and on our mobile app.
FOX News
May 18, 2013 2:30pm EDT
that? the fact that eric holder apparently was supposed to, you know, put all of this down in writing and doesn't do it? this is the nation's top law enforcement. >> this is typical of what you see as the informality of governance of the obama administration. they believe that word of mouth is sufficient when it shouldn't be. they believe that management is something left to underlings. they don't seem to take much of the acts of governance as seriously as we might ask them to do. >> big story of the week, though, chris matthews, the thrill up the leg is gone. >> next on news watch, more on the media and the scandals overshadowing the president. >> is there a siege mentality on the west wing right now? >> the white house press grilled obama's spinman. will the media dig deeper for the details or back off to protect their man? find out next on "newswatch" [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's e
May 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
. president barack obama had no problem asking the internal revenue service to step down after targeting conservative groups. and republicans are not about to let it go. tea party groups will be with lawmakers in about 20 minutes and they are expected to call on the obama administration to do more in the wake of the internal revenue service scandal. the woman who targeted the tea party is still in her same position and the fbi is investigating whether or not any laws were broken and the internal revenue service has a long reach and they are in charge of implementing the healthcare law something republicans are trying to repeal. they will detail their calls for action when i see you next. now turkey is reportedly going to ask americans to take in large numbers of syrian refugees. there could be a million syrian refugees by the end of the year and officials say it may be too soon to talk about relocating refugees because many of them hope to return home if the conflict ends. >>> many have been killed in a suicide bombing in kabul and afghanistan. nine afghan people have died and somebody d
FOX News
May 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
it happened. so far he hasn't done it that's the memo. next on the run down, charles krauthammer will analyze the three controversies and my talking points memo. later, perhaps, president obama's worst nightmare will join us. republican congressman darrell issa. we're coming right back. why are twice as many people choosing verizon over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power and associates' customer service award 4x in a row. in the end, there are countless reasons. but one choi. >> impact segment get to charles krauthammer joins from us washington. so i didn't make any mistakes in the talking points, charles, did i leave anything out? that's important. >> no, i thought it was definitely an a plus. brilliant presentation and the intone nation was excellent. [ laughter ] i think what's going on here is you have got a president who came to washington saying he was going to change washington. change the essence of politics itself and now he is reduced to trying t
FOX News
May 16, 2013 8:00pm PDT
defined president obama pulled out an executive order and everything sealed down. they will do the same thing with libya. you are probably never going to know although i think i do know now thanks to mr. hicks, you know, precisely what happened. >> powerful. >> bill: it was one notch below hillary clinton. hillary wasn't paying attention. >> clearly powerful. bill, as you talked about before. what was the president doing that night? we still don't know. >> bill: he was he had to go to vegas on a fundraiser. >> the wheel. had to spin it the next day. those kind of things stick with people. whether or not the ultimate hearings reveal more we don't know yet. there is a lot more to all of these stories, i believe. in the end it's about fairness, bill, and it's about competence. we want a government that serves the people. it doesn't undermine or demonize the people. >> bill: you and i had a little tet-a-tet. i don't think the a.p. story is going to involve any kind of scandal. i don't. i think they probably abused their power and holder doesn't know anything and all of that. >> i don't trus
May 14, 2013 5:00pm PDT
mission first released a deliberately misleading the obama of mission tried to play down the information. members of the two-party state objective to texas to the status. washtub groups are still concerned. president obama left town tonight it headed to new york for fund raisers. some people say he needs a break along as things like this keep happening? the pattern seem to care if the right things are done." >> reporter: uc scott ploy handgun and start firing. police say multiple people identified scott as the shooter after injuring 19 people in three critical. police approached the crowd and started shooting. police state bay was previously arrested on gun arms. >> pam: 16 points. the next mustang will be landing that john that will possibly be sometime this summer. >> jacqueline: this afternoon antioch and 8882 and fairfield and '60s and '70s this afternoon with 62 and 76. it was cooler and will get even cooler satellite ryder picture showing the bay area now. winds are starting to shift coming n coming from the ocean with the cooler morning air. more reno air. tonight and look to that
May 15, 2013 6:00pm EDT
deliberately defund the tea party? stocks are down. and might obama's scandal end his second term agenda? "kudlow" up next. se tech jobs m. we teach cutting-edge engineering technology, computer information systems, networking and communications management -- the things that our students need to know in the world today. our country needs more college grads to help fill all the open technology jobs. to help meet that need, here at devry university, we're offering $4 million dollars in tech scholarships for qualified new students. learn more at >>> yes, this is good, we learn from the charitable trust. i promise to find more money for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'm see you tomorrow. ♪ >>> the big story tonight, president obama is weighing into the irs controversy. he just finished a live address at the white house where he announced the resignation of the acting chief of the irs. it was a something i called for him to do moments before it happened. anyway, ynbc's own ayman javers joins us from capitol hill. what else did the president say and good evening t
FOX News
May 16, 2013 12:00pm PDT
of tornadoes touched down. that's next,. and did president obama or anyone in the white house know anything about the irs targeting conservative groups before the news went public? did they know? today he had a chance to tell us, no, we didn't know. he didn't do that. one question was asked, another was answered. we'll get to that. breaking news just came in. president obama will name a white house budget official as the acting irs commissioner, named daniel worfel. i do not believe his the same who played for football and won the heisman trophy. this is another man. so there are two. that's breaking news. this guy worked in the administration for years dealing with budget issues and will replay this outgoing irs boss. the news coins next. announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ hoo-hoo...hoo-hoo. hoo-hoo hoo. sir... i'll get it together i promise... heeheehee. jimmy: ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? ronny:i'd say happier than the pillsbury doughboy on his way to a baking convention.
May 18, 2013 2:00pm EDT
until november. i think the chance of another down grade is remote because of the spectacular progress on the deficit. here is the interesting angle to me. it is not that obama's agenda is in at that time in tatteres is, it was months ago. i think what may has been, the things he doesn't want may get shoved down his throat, keystone pipeline and maybe another sequester n november he may have to accept sequester for 2014. >> slowly healing jobs market and plunging deficit mean there is a lot of other things, scandal things talking about in washington. if we were talking about those things, i can assure you democrats would be talking about the other two. thanks, guys. >> coming up. u 8 >>> partisanship and the inability of our elected leaders to put our prosperity ahead of politics paralyzed washington and that paralysis brought us debt debacles, sequesters, fiscal cliffs and it has gotten so bad olympia snow decided last year she could serve no more. she has a new book fighting for common ground, a memoir of her career. when i sat down with her i asked her point-blank what is wrong with
FOX News
May 12, 2013 12:00pm PDT
to proceed. we'll break down the numbers and the politics and growing gop opposition to president obama's labor pick. could the nomination of thomas perez be in trouble? >>> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. riveting testimony about the deadly assault on the u.s. mission in benghazi. gregory hicks gave an emotional recount of the night of september 12th, 2012. it draws new attention surrounding the attack and how the administration handled its aftermath. >> when ambassador stevens talked to you minutes before he died as a dying declaration, what precisely did he say to you? >> he said, greg, we're under attack. >> did he mention one word about a protest or a demonstration? >> no, sir, he did not. >> so fast forward, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed the attack on the video and she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that? >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. i was embarrassed. >> joining the panel this week, wall street deputy editor damage henningger and brett stevens and jason riley. so dan, what is the single most im
May 12, 2013 2:00pm PDT
of any sober fact finding. >> we are down to talking points. that's where the right wing is right now. e.j. dionne, do you think presidential politics played into these talking points as the right wing is accusing the obama administration of backing off on the word "terror," making sure that al qaeda was not included in the talking points, and -- because, of course, that would have made president obama look weak going into an election that he couldn't keep us safe, and they didn't have their eye on the ball. your thoughts on that? >> well, first, ed, welcome back and happy mother's day to wendy and to katrina too. >> thank you. >> it's good to have you on the air again. look, i think anything that is issued from the government of the united states, from an kpeskt agency during an election, the election's on everybody's mind and would it shock me if electoral concerns are in the back of people's heads? no, it wouldn't. but i think you've got it right when you say that this was primarily a bureaucratic turf battle between the state department and the cia. and one of the reasons they got sh
FOX News
May 14, 2013 12:00am PDT
. there is communication break down going on here. >> president obama is so on top of so many cultural events. whether it is an nba player coming out of the closet, he calls them, but he has no idea what is going on. >> jay carney by the way just before we taped said as far as the justice department and the ap that the white house just found out about this from the press too. i am just glad they were watching the news. they wouldn't know [whreep]. >> swearing is not appropriate on a monday. it is no swearing monday. i will make a note you said [bleep]. >> by the way in the middle of benghazi, the irs is targeting conservative groups. on monday night president obama told a crowd at a fundraiser that included justin timberlake and jessica biel. people are cynical because of right wing partisan ship. >> that reminds me. i was supposed to bring up something. what did he say in the commons meant address this. >> the cynicism. >> don't be synical. i will do that tomorrow, on "the five" that show in the afternoon. >> teen girls go crazy for dzhokhar. your hope is these are trolls that don't know what they ar
FOX News
May 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
called for the stand-down order? who actually changed the talking points and why -- this a.p. stuff, you're right, it's all smoke in mirrors right now. they have him covered. in the a.p. stuff, president obama said he didn't know until he heard about it via news outlets. the iris story, same thing. it's an isolated case. a couple of low-level irs agents in cincinnati, maybe only two -- >> that's impossible. it runs directly to the irs in washington, d.c. >> of course it does. but the point is they've got president obama shielded on those two but they don't have him shielded on benghazi. >> if i were rush limbaugh after seeing jon stewart, i would buy a lottery ticket today. >> why? >> we have to get this sound in. >> this is his lucky day. >> it is. it's not president obama's. and questions are being asked, what about his responsibility? remember this flashback, president obama said the buck stops with him. >> when you're president, you've got to walk and chew gum at the same time. ultimately the buck stops with me. as president, i'd be responsible for everything, to some degree. >> but
May 17, 2013 4:30am PDT
in the growing i.r.s. scandal and a second official is stepping down, joseph grant, will retire in june. this comes hours after president obama named a replacement for acting i.r.s. commissioner miller who was fired but will testify at the hearing this morning. tea party activists descended on washington claiming vindication in their complaints about government overreach. many say they plan to sue the i.r.s. >> last minute drama on what was scheduled to be the last day of o.j.'s hearing if las -- in las vegas. a new witness has come forward that could take the stand for the d.a. but they are not saying who. o.j. lawyers left without comment and said in court the defense would immediately object to this mystery witness if called to the stand. o.j. is fighting for a new trial for the 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping convictions. >> on this one month anniversary of the deadly texas fertilizer plant explosion officials admit they are not sure of the cause. officials now say the cause of the april 17 blast may never be known. 14 people were killed and 200 injured. investigators think it was
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
's second term agenda? president obama under a cloud of scandal, as congress bears down on irs officials who targeted conservative groups. >> this week confirms everything that the american public believes. this is a huge blow to the faith and trust the american people have in their government. >> the key questions now -- who initiated the targeting and why? who else in the administration knew? and why was congress misinformed for so long? with us this morning, the president's senior adviser, dan pfeiffer, the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky, and the man leading a congressional investigation into the irs, chairman of the house ways and means committee, dave camp. and later the political fallout from benghazi and the justice department seizure of phone reports from the associated press. plus former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld returns to "meet the press." this time he's out of office and weighing in on the big issues in "rumsfeld's rules."
Comedy Central
May 13, 2013 11:30pm PDT
? and this morning i unwrapped a beautiful box of crippling scandal for the obama administration. first up, benghazi. how bad is it, folks? nation, you better sit down and buckle up because you should not be standing while watching tv in the car. now, everyone knows this was an unquestionable tragedy where four americans lost their lives in what we now know were vicious terrorist attacks. but listen to how obama callously described them the next day. >> no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation. >> stephen: what? acts of terror? they were terrorist attacks. am i the only one who feels this way? darell issa. >> an act of terror is different than terrorist attack. >> stephen: yes. they're totally different. you say potato, i say what do the po-tah-toe know and when did he know it? now the only people who have been talking about this story for the past seven months have been me and fox news. but from the rest of television and radio, silence. jim? >> across the mainstream media it was a collective yawn in response to yesterday's benghazi coverage. >> why are the media ignoring
May 16, 2013 5:00am PDT
was behind the attack while the investigation was ongoing. also president barack obama demand the head of the internal revenue service step down after they targeted certain groups and steve miller did just that and he is don't want few weeks they collected reporters' phone reports without warning and they will face tough questions and the tea party is riding support in the weak of the internal revenue service scandal. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> facebook is pushing the number of visas for foreign workers which will slow down and the issue is in the debate of the senate. ads from a lobbying group created by mark zuckerberg may end up threatening immigration reform. those ads have angered many because they are in favor of the keystone pipeline. >>> police need your help to find a missing man. john worth was last seen riding his bike. worth is considered at risk because he suffered a serious head injury and needs help to perform daily functions. police have tracked his cell phone to vallejo but they still need to find him. >>> they are scaleel back a search. an army of o
May 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
the wrong person to be overseeing obama care. your response? >> they're going to do a 30-day top-down review, anyone who did anything wrong is held accountable. >> as far she did not nothing wrong. the president believes that she can continue to fulfill her responsibilities on the health care plans. >> let's get facts first. >> on capitol hill, given the irs' extensive responsibility for overseeing the health care law, this experience with the tax-exempt organizations calls that oversight into question? >> george, i think the question for both republicans and democrats, are we going to come together to solve the problem? i understand that republicans are still very angry that obama care is law. they tried to use this as an excuse to -- to try to repeal obama care. let's actually solve the problem. >> and so, you have no question about the irs' ability to oversee and their responsibility to oversee the obama care? >> no. the new acting commissioner, he starts next week, he's going to do a top-down review. >>> let's move on to benghazi, if white house released over a hundred e-mails detailing
May 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
and loves her dearly. >>> a few hours ago president obama announced the acting irs commissioner is stepping down. >> it is inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency but especially the irs given the power that it has. >> employees at the irs are accused of given extra scrutiny to tea party groups. president obama says he wants new leadership at the irs to help earn the public's trust again. >>> we are learning more tonight about the american diplomat accused of being a spy. russian authorities say ryan foggal was looking for information on the tsarnaev brothers accused of carrying out the boston marathon bombings. they say he was trying to recruit a russian intelligence officer who was knowledgeable of the region where the tsarnaev brothers have ties. he was arrested with disguises, maps and lots of cash. he has been ordered to leave the country. that is your world tonight. >>> hold on to your phone. a new map is revealing san francisco neighborhoods where you probably want to keep your cell phone
May 17, 2013 8:00am PDT
of passage. obama care has long been the pinata that republicans continue to blindly whack away at. but this week's tie-in to the irs, it would seem as if the pinata had exploded and rained down republican candy. >> many people have said that obama care is here to stay. we are here as the people's representatives, as real people from, across the united states to say -- this issue is now revived. it is back on the table. >> standing aside a towering stack of dreaded obama care regulation, house speaker john boehner pummeled the president.
FOX News
May 17, 2013 10:00am PDT
.com/comingtogether >> megyn: fox news alert. on the obama administration's attempt to tamp down the sandals consuming the white house at this hour over the concern of the potential political fallout over democrats is already growing. brand new hour here of "america live." welcome everyone, i'm megyn kelly. for hours on capitol hill today we watched a remarkable hearing take place as both republicans and democrats grilled the former now former, he is resigning, irs director over why, why that agency gave the green light to tax applications from progressive groups with very little problem while holding up conservative leaning groups for years conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. before we came on the air today mike kelly from pennsylvania who pressed the now outgoing stephan miller irs commissioner on whether mr. miller appreciated how this business looked to the american people this has to do with highly targeted groups. this reconfirms what the american public believes, this is a huge blow to the faith and trust the american people have in their government. is there any limit to the scope o
FOX News
May 12, 2013 5:00pm PDT
an end to barack obama's presidency. i compared it to watergate. that's in president brought down by deception and a methodical attempt to cover the deception. i wasn't saying that for dramatic effect or for rhetorical hyperbole. as a recognition that americans will forgive its leaders for mistakes, even serious mistakes but not for intentionally cunningly and repeatedly lying to them and then attempting to cover the lies. the deception of the truth add deflexion from the truth ends in defection of the people. i was joined g by former u.n. ambassador john handling of the fiasco happen long ago which doesn't matter. i see it as it a serious threat to the office of the president. among those who reacted were among those who o suggested i wanted those out of office. anybody who says that doesn't know me very well. i don't care much for the policies of this president. but i genuinely don't want him to be forced from office. because it's not good for the country. but some of the president's strockest acolytes continue to sing the chorus that we learn nothing from the testimony of the c
May 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
be deemed safe and left in place. >> some older bolts will have to be replaced or bypassed with the tie down saddle system. >>> i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency. >>> president obama takes action to address the irs scandal. >>> call them the killer frogs of san francisco. we'll tell you why they're under lock and key and why their home is under siege. >>> few my clouds approaching the bay area right now. >> we could be be dodging a few raindrops. >> coming up we'll break down rain chances and i'll let you know which direction temperatures well be heading this weekend. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. vi
May 15, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of the irs has resigned. president barack obama made the announcement late this afternoon at the white house. steven miller was asked to step down in the aftermath of the irs scandal that showed the agency improperly targeted conservative groups. the president has called the irs conduct inexcusable. >>> days after revealing she had a double mastectomy angelina jolie says she is taking another radical step to reduce her risk of cancer. today the 37-year-old actress says she is planning surgery to have her ovaries removed. her doctors say she has a 50% chance of developing oi vair yen cancer. remember that took her mother's life at the age of 56. 70% of women who test positive for the gene have their ovaries removed. >>> what is hidden in your food could affect your health. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a special investigation. >> if your dog em food making them sick without even knowing you are doing it. parents are diligent about reading labels, but the labels don't tell the whole story. >> and powerball pandemonium. they have drawn the numbers, but do we have a winner for
May 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
and analytical questions. is the head of the irs now who is resigned under pressure from the obama administration. by the end of this hearing as we wound down nearly four hours into it. take a listen. >> i think the american people have seen, this is an yoench and this is an outrage to all america. >> mr. griffin is recognized for 45 minutes. >> the committee will come to order. >> and that's a moment that you don't often see in these kinds of hearings. a lot of them wanted to vent a frustration. that's not something you often see in this hearing. a lot of questions still unanswered. i am told that they brief the treasury farment within the past month on the findings here, whether they were aware at all before that that there was a problem coming as unclear at this point. one of the questions will be did the white house know as well? >> now two stories on tax reform including how they may get derailed. marry tompson is reporting again. >> sue, max, the democratic chairman of the finance committee. the republican chairman of the house weighs and means committee are hoping that the scandal actually
May 18, 2013 12:30pm PDT
. president barack obama announced the resignation of the head of the agency. steven miller, its acting commissioner will step down next month and eric holder announced they will determine where the laws were broken and so targeting the conservative groups. the internal revenue service admits to the criminal targeting three years after the complaints began and only because by congress, it had investigated the matter, it was on the verge of making public it's finings and now congress is back in the act. multiple docks were the first to fall, acting commissioner is steven miller was in the hot seat. >> first and foremost, on behalf of the internal revenue service, i want to apologize for the poor service we provided. the american public an affected organizations deserve better. the people who engaged in the practices described, i do not believe them. i believe its conclusions are consistent with that. i think what happened here was that foolish mistakes were made by trying to be more efficient in their workload selection. and while intolerable, it was a mistake and not an act of parts san
May 13, 2013 5:30pm PDT
qaeda plot to bring down a u.s.-bound airliner with a bomb. the obama administration was furious about that leak, claiming it jeopardized national security. to find out who might have been the leaker, the a.p. claims the justice department obtained lists of incoming and outgoing phone calls from a.p. editors and reporters as well as reporters' personal phone numbers over a two-month period. normally justice department rules require that to be personally approved by the attorney general. in a letter to attorney general holder today the president and ceo of the a.p. writes there can be no possible justification for such an overboard collection of the telephone communications of the a.p. and its reporters. we regard this action as a serious interference with a.p.'s constitutional rights to gather and report the news. while we evaluate our options we urgently request that you return to the a.p. the telephone toll records that the department subpoenaed and destroy all copies. the white house is referring all questions about this matter to the justice department. moments ago, as i'm sitting
FOX News
May 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
me the big picture. how does it now go down because even the sentence of the obama press office, even they have to pay a little attention to this. they will never do their job completely, the johnny-come-lately media, but even they recognize what they have done here and the story about the a. p. journalists, it seems like a cancer is growing on the presidency. >> they have had two really horrible weeks and the narrative is not playing out. but, sean, hit it right where it needs to be focused on. that is you have agents for the president. that's how we have to be looking at this, going out and making statements they know are not true. the president of the united states said today if the irs actually did these things, and i said hold it, what do you mean if? the irs admitted they did targeted reviews. they admitted they violated their own internal revenue manual. they admitted in essence that they vialed the constitution. the whole idea that there is an "if" is ridiculous. the white house narrative isn't playing out whether it's benghazi or the irs. >> hammer, do you have a problem goin
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